Community and Partnerships

  • Love everyone because Allah loves us all

  • Create a relational space of trust

  • Function within partnerships and work as a team

Our Core Values:


  • Faith requires action in order to have integrity

  • Demonstrate Uswatun Hasanah by serving with humility and joy

Learning in Truth

  • Teach the truth of the Qur’an, Allah and creation

  • Cultivate a mind-set of creativity and wonder

  • Pursue personal and professional Excellence

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Masjidullah’s New Medina Learning Institute provides our students with a unique hands-on learning experience that builds within them solid academic, social, cultural and Islamic knowledge. We are dedicated to providing an opportunity for children in grades k-12 to become engaged in the exciting worlds of STEM, Arabic, Qur’anic Studies, Public Speaking, College Prep and so much more! Our focus is to immerse our students in activities that will teach them to know themselves, the Creator and the world around them. We will challenge children to excel while also being humble stewards of faith and humanity. This element is what makes New Medina Learning Institute unlike any other environment. We believe in learning in-motion and are proud to offer a fun and exhilarating learning environment for all our students!


We are a student-focused educational group that provides broad-based learning approaches and experiences at an affordable rate. Our learning environment will help foster the natural curiosity and creativity of each of our students. At New Medina, we like to call what we provide “the ultimate hybrid”. We have combined the benefits of a traditional brick and mortar school, with the flexibility of a cyber school, all wrapped into the nurturing and student-directed learning environment of a home-school/co-op. What this means is that our students will be getting the best of all three learning environments.


New Medina utilizes the PA Cyber Online curriculum as its academic base for our students. We integrate Arabic language and Islamic Studies components to provide a unique learning dynamic that contributes to the students’ overall success, both academically and Islamically. By utilizing the PA Cyber's academic curriculum, each student is assigned a State licensed teacher to oversee his or her progress. This ensures that each child is completing their work in a timely manner and inline with Pennsylvania's educational requirements. The staff at New Medina serve as "Classroom Facilitators" and provide the students with hands on help in a classroom setting. 

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