Our Core Values

Our core values are principles and beliefs that guide what we say and do as students, parents, staff and leaders at New Medina. These core values represent what we actively strive for:

Learning in Truth

  • Teach the truth of the Qur'an, The Most High and creation

  • Cultivate a mind-set of creativity and wonder

  • Pursue personal and professional excellence

Community and Relationships

  • Love everyone because The Most High loves us all

  • Create a relational space of trust

  • Function within partnerships and work as a team


  • Faith requires action to have integrity

  • Be generous with our time, talents and resources

  • Serve with humility and joy

New Medina is a private educational institution comprised of both primary (Kindergarten through 5th grade) and secondary (6th through 12th grade) class levels. Our primary class levels offer a child-centered structure that fosters each student's natural inclination to follow the scientific method of discovery. They taste, touch, smell, manipulate and investigate everything around them. They are spontaneously curious and at New Medina, we encourage this curiosity.

In our secondary class levels, we provide our students with the tools that empower them to continue taking ownership of their education. Our blended learning classroom model allows them to further become independent learners, while also giving them a 21st century educational experience. At New Medina, we base this experience on knowledge and technology.

Our Students


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photo jan 07, 11 17 01 am (1)

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photo jan 07, 11 14 52 am